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Chemiprime Impex Private Limited
is popular among customers for its high-quality products such as Engine Oil Additives, Grease Additives, Irgalube 2040 A, Esprene SPO V0141, Lubimax 1606E and Esprene SPO V0115. As an importer and supplier, we have gained the confidence and loyalty of our customers, as we have always met and exceeded their expectations. In this competitive market becoming the prime choice of customers is not an easy job but with our hard work, we have attained the faithfulness of our buyers. We are strictly following all the norms of the respective industry and this has enabled us to stand out in the market. We are thankful to our professionals and business associates because without them we would not have been able to stand out in the industry. We are also open to feedback from our customers so that we can continually improve our products and services.
As a quality orientated company, which is undoubtedly one the keys to our success, we do not permit any products to be dispatched until a quality test have been conducted at our facility.
The products we supply are procured by us from top-notch Japanese companies so that we can deliver the best to customers. Sumitomo, BASF and LUBIMAX® are the three brands we are supplying after conducting in-depth research to ensure we provide the finest products.
One of the reasons to choose Chemiprime over other companies is we have the backing of certified manufacturing companies that are renowned at an international level.
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